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Finance Qualified 

Will you require financing to fund your plans?

  • Home finance loans

  • 203(k) Loans

Meyer Renovation meets lenders’ qualifications and we’re experienced in completing and submitting the necessary paperwork to comply with lending terms.

Meyer Renovation is a 203(k) Approved Contractor.

Finance Qualified

FHA 203(k) Improvement Loans

Fund your home purchase and renovation. You may qualify to finance enough to make your home purchase as well as enough to make necessary improvements.

  • Because the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) is involved, lenders are more likely to consider properties they may otherwise decline.

  • If you want to buy a fixer-upper and turn it into your dream home this can help make it a reality.

  • You may also be able to include the cost of living elsewhere while your renovations are being performed.

  • For more details on financing speak to your lender, or give us a call for guidance on how to initiate the process.

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