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Wood, Tile, & Laminate Flooring

Picking new flooring can be a daunting task. Nowadays, there are so many materials to choose from and each type has a gamut of options to go along with it. Let us help you navigate the countless options you have when considering new flooring.

Some of your choices when deciding on new flooring are...

Hardwood - Thanks to hardwood's durblity and warm, natural feel, it continues to be the flooring of choice for many homeowners. Hardwood floors come in a variety of styles such as plank, parquest and prefinished.

Laminate - Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices around. It offers the look of a variety of flooring surfaces and designs, while keeping costs considerably lower because it's much less expensive and easier to install.

Bamboo - Unlike hardwood floors, the material used to create bamboo floors in not a tree, but actually a light weight woody grass. The fast growing, regenerating plant has the tensile strength of steel, which makes for a highly durable floor that resists swelling and contraction with changes in humidity.

Cork - Like bamboo, cork is a "green" flooring alternative. Another bonus of cork is that the wood's honeycomblike cellular structure gives the flooring a cushiony feel underfoot. Cork flooring is available in pre-finished tiles in a range of finishes. The tiles have a natural, nonslip surface that makes cork ideal for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Tile - Porcelain is a popular choice as is terra cotta natural stone, such as marble, granite, travertine or slate. Unleash your creativity by combining tiles of various sizes, colors and textures to create a one-of-a-kind floor.

Vinyl - One of the most value conscious flooring options today is vinyl. It's especially popular for rooms that are prone to moisture problems. Vinyl is also easy to clean and softer underfoot than tile. You'll be surprised and the innovative styles available in today's vinyl floor offerings.

Other options to consider are Linoleum and Concrete. Yes, concrete! It is one of hottest flooring options today!

Let's talk today and decide what flooring options best suit your needs.

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